September 12, 2020

Across the world, singlehood is a growing trend. The Pew Research Center predicts that approximately 25% of American young adults will never marry and the percentage of one-person households in several major European cities has already crossed 50%....

September 6, 2020

Marriage and family are still sanctified in our society, and only recently a discussion has started about whether we should use the "F" (family) word more cautiously. In March 2017, Google experienced a backlash from its own employees after an internal presentation mis...

August 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic causes many of us to think about our health, even if we feel great and are in good shape. 

What does marriage have to do with this? Well, if not a vaccine against COVID-19, marriage keeps being mentioned as a miraculous cure for almost al...

August 2, 2020

Sexual self-esteem influences almost every sexual decision you make, from who you engage with and when to whether you constrain yourself and how.

However, very little is known about sexual self-esteem and who has more or less of it. This is particularly important b...

July 15, 2020

We give up on a lot by not knowing our neighbors. The loss is especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing rules. While some of us cannot get out of our homes or are not allowed to do so, our neighbors can help us in many ways....

July 12, 2020

Talking sincerely and transparently about sexual issues can be hard. Many people feel embarrassed or humiliated to request what they need explicitly, regardless of whether they're in a caring relationship.

There are many explanations behind this. Many cases include one...

May 31, 2020

Nikola Tesla, who lived between the years 1856 and 1943, was a Serbian-American inventor, engineer, and futurist who never married. He explained that living without a partner was very helpful to his scientific abilities: 

"The mind is sharper and keener in sec...

May 17, 2020

We begin a new academic year this week and it is time to refresh our curricula with a new field: Singles Studies.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Despite the prevalent social and psychological forces that push people into marriage, our reality is inevitably chan...

May 10, 2020

The pressure to get married and partner up is still prevalent in many countries.

As crazy as it might sound, Indian policemen were sent to 9,000 unmarried young men in order to find a "solution" for their "singleness" and talk with their families about possible alternat...

April 25, 2020

The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece with a blaring headline: The Loneliest Generation. Its authors argue that we are in the midst of an epidemic in which people feel lonelier than ever before.

As always, the unmarried population is the usual suspect....

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September 12, 2020

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