July 19, 2020

Are you feeling blue because don’t have a romantic partner? A recent report found that 51% of people between the ages of 18 to 35 currently are single and do not have a romantic partner. But instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. You are...

July 2, 2020

The coronavirus is a pandemic and is a global health crisis. With social distancing and quarantine stay-at-home orders in place, it is harder to for singles to have social interaction which is necessary to live a healthy life. During this time, it can be difficult to f...

June 24, 2020

Loneliness is a problem that some singles experience. Loneliness is also a problem when you are isolated and have minimal to no social interaction during this time of social distancing during the quarantine. Here are four ways that singles can combat loneliness during...

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