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Ways Your Single Self Is Doing Better In Life Than Most People

Single people value their independence, and are not afraid to try new things.

There are some old-fashioned people who believe that being single when you're almost 30 is very worrisome, since according to them, you should already be married with kids. Of course, being the strong and indep

endent Pinay that you are, that's not how you live your life—you're happily single and absolutely thriving! Not being tied down can actually result in a lot of interesting opportunities and good vibes, so if you acknowledge yourself and know the kind of happy juju to look for, then you can actually be in a much better place than most.

In fact, an article on Psychology Today featuring the findings of Hebrew University sociologist Elyakim Kislev in his book Happy Singlehood: The Rising Acceptance and Celebration of Solo Living, lists several ways that single people are getting the better end of the deal than their tied down counterparts.

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