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Marriage, singleness and happiness

One of the biggest delusions about marriage is to believe that you will be happier when married than when single – that somehow, the ring has a magic wand that suddenly lights up your life even when it was gloom while single.

Nothing could be further from reality.

Sure, everyone gets to be on a high during the honeymoon stage or just after the wedding.

Like winning a lottery – we’d all be on an emotional high initially, until the money runs out.

Honeymoon is a phase that fades away and leaves you with everything you had inside you before the wedding.

In fact, your new spouse will quickly help shine the spotlight on whatever the causes of your unhappiness.

If you are an unhappy person before marriage, you will bring that toxicity into your marriage, and both of you will be unhappy.

Marriage doesn’t change you, but it exposes and magnifies the reality of your attitude, and gives you the opportunity to be Christ-like.

In other words, your marriage is as good as your singleness. It is happy singles who make happy marriages.

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