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New Marketing Trend: Selling to Singletons

Selling to Singletons

Years ago, my definition of dinner was a microwaved Gardenburger, a handful of pita chips, and a dollop of hummus that I would eat alone while standing at my kitchen counter. I was an editorial assistant climbing up the corporate ladder, and my days were consumed by work and taking long walks to clear my head.

Those days of striving aren't so far behind now, yet when I look around it seems I keep running into products being marketed to my younger self, someone brands took for granted before. Forget Hamburger Helper for four. Now, single-size servings are everywhere. Living solo suddenly seems more... normal.

Turns out, it is. "In many markets, living solo has become the norm rather than the exception," explains the latest trend report from marketing communications firm JWTIntelligence. And with more millennials delaying marriage and other adulthood checkpoints, marketers are forcibly rethinking their strategies, adjusting product sizes, accommodations, and food, just to start. Here's a look at what's driving this new trend and how your business can edge its way in.

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