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Places with the Most Lifelong Single People

Where are Lifelong Singles

Yes, I would love to know where all the lifelong single people are! Until now, though, I have never seen such a list. Often, if an article is going to tell you where the single people are, it is one of those “10 Best Cities for Singles” sort of thing, with information on the proportions of single men and single women. The assumption is that if you are single, you would want to move somewhere that increased your chances of “finding someone.”

Unfortunately, the article I’m going to tell you about, with great reporting about where to find lifelong single people, is marred by the same matrimaniacal logic. The site introduces its section on the geography of never-married people over 65 with this: “Active people over age 65 who… don’t want to spend their golden years alone, also have options for finding never-married partners.”

For me, a lifelong single person of a certain age, the appeal of a place with lots of other lifelong single people is very different. It would be wonderful to compare notes with other people with the experience of living your entire life as a single person. I bet many of them would be terrific friends.

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