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The Difference Between Giving Up on Love And Letting It Go

Maybe you just got out of a bad relationship and need closure, or maybe you gave up on love a long time ago. No matter your situation, maybe this perspective we will provide about love can help you on your journey. Love can feel like a battlefield, an all out war against your own happiness. It can feel like the highest cloud, or the deepest cut in your soul. It can feel liberating, or suffocating.

We all want love, but sometimes, we forget that love comes with a cost. It doesn’t just mean butterflies and rainbows; sometimes, it means blood, sweat, and tears. It means sacrifice and commitment, courage and compromise. It means willing to stand on the front lines and show up in your truest form. Sometimes, the magnitude of what love entails can overwhelm us, causing us to retreat and give up on it altogether.

We naturally want to run from pain, but when it comes to love, we can’t shut out the discomfort forever. We can’t forever lock ourselves in a room with steel walls and shelter ourselves from the entire world. While love can hurt, it can also heal. It can break your heart, but it can mend it, too. No matter your stance on love, hear us out for a second.

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